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Flamingo Flocking Order Form

A McNeil High School Project Graduation 2019 Fundraiser

Support Project Graduation by sending a friendly flock of flamingos to your family, friends, & neighbors.

Our lovable flamingos will surprise your loved ones when they walk out the front door in the morning!

Choose Your Flocking Options


__ Small (12 flamingos) $15 __ Large (24 flamingos) $25

$ _____


__ Birthday $5 __ Anniversary $5 __ Graduation $5
__ Retirement $5 __ I Love You! $5 __ No Sign Needed $0

$ _____


Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________

*Flocks Do NOT migrate onto public property or apartment complexes and are confined to within the McNeil High School attendance boundary.*


Date You Would Like the Flock to Land

**Your flock will be scheduled to land the night Prior to this date. If the date is unavailable, a Mother Flocker will call you to reschedule. Flocks land from dusk to dusk. Deliveries will not occur if extenuating circumstances prevail (locked gates, extreme weather, etc.) Flocking is done in good spirit and is not meant to be malicious.



__ Do Not Flock ME Policy $25 __ Decline Insurance $0

$ _____


__ Additional Donation to PG19

$ _____

$5 Discount

__ PG19 Flocked Me & I’m Flocking it Forward

( $ _____ )

Total Due to Project Graduation 2019

$ _____

Donor Info

Your Name: ___________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________ Email: _______________________________________

Payment must be made for flocking to occur.

Thank you for supporting Project Graduation 2019!

Questions? Email Us at McNeilFlamingos@gmail.com

You may receive a call or email about your flocking from one of our Volunteers: Rebecca Meisch, Elizabeth Alvarado & Aixa Delgado.